Deciduous fruit

We are a leading global supplier of the broadest range of apples, pears and grapes across the globe. We are involved 12 months of the year in growing and procuring fruits and vegetables. Jm-Group International Foods is continuously striving for innovation by bringing a broader and more novel selection of apples, pears and grapes to the market.

Tropical Fruit

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Supply of tropical products, including bananas, and avocado is one of the cornerstones of AIG Foods business. Our constant care for product safety allows us to meet the different retailer requirements. We work closely with suppliers to ensure we keep all parties abreast of the continuing changes. In addition we are developing innovative solutions to market these niche products and to move them into mainstream purchases.

Citrus Fruit

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AIG Foods has several recognized brands of citrus fruit, commercialized around the world. AIG Foods is a supplier of the full range of citrus including.


We successfully meet the year-round demand for all types of citrus and mandarin specialty citrus fruits.

Stone Fruit

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AIG Foods works with the very best growers and breeders worldwide to ensure continuous delivery of optimum varieties to the customer in the best condition. Constant monitoring of performance during ripening, shelf life and home life carried out both at source and on site underpin this activity, enabling AIG Foods to adapt and modify the product offer according to market and grower needs. The stone fruits we offer include.



Organic Produce

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Organic produce is becoming a fast growing category within the fresh produce market since people are more conscious about their health and dietary needs. Within the AIG Foods Group there are both growers and importers of organic fresh produce, working across all produce sectors. We supply many leading retailers with top quality organic fruit, vegetables and salads.