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20 Mango Names You May Not Know About

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20  Mango Names You May Not Know About

Have you ever heard of the cowfoot mango or the beefy mango or the turpentine mango? There are many types of mangoes in South Africa but most South Africans do not know their names.  South African have some very “colorful” names for the different species of mangoes across the island. Here is a list of South African mango names. Be sure to add your  mango names by adding a comment.
Julie Mango
East Indian Mango
Hairy Mango
Bombay Mango (Bambay in Jamaican patois)
Blackey Mango
Green & Red Mango
Number 11 Mango
Stringy Mango
Graham Mango
Bellyfull Mango
Robin Mango (Rabin)
Keith Mango
Sweety Mango
Bluie Mango
Fine Skin Mango
Number 7 Mango
Beefy Mango
Sweetie Come Brush Mi Mango
Green Gauge Mango
Kidney Mango
Hamilton Mango
Longy or Long Mango
Cowfoot Mango
Bastard Mango
Green Skin Mango
Emperor Mango
Turpentine Mango
Butter Mango

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